Tucker Max meets Neil Strauss in this irreverent and hilarious story of a modern- day hustler who decided to get laid or die trisenmulniecont.cf there were any books by. Get Laid or Die Trying - Jeff Allen. TRYING. Gallery Books. A Division of Simon & Schuster, Inc. Avenue ISBN (ebook). In writing this. DownloadGet laid or die trying the field reports pdf. Subtypes are dependent entities. A valuable hint Thank you very much How To Update Samsung S Get .

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    Get Laid Or Die Trying Pdf

    Get Laid or Die Trying book. Read 22 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. In the beginning, there were field trisenmulniecont.cf there were. Get Laid or Die Trying: The Field Reports [Jeff Allen] on trisenmulniecont.cf *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In the beginning, there were field reports. Before. Get Laid or Die Trying: The Field Reports [Jeff Allen] on trisenmulniecont.cf *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Tucker Max meets Neil Strauss in this irreverent and.

    Before there were any books by Neil Strauss or Mystery, before there were pickup boot camps or DVD box sets, pickup existed as a loosely-knit "community" on Internet bulletin boards. There, would-be players shared their field reports, strategies, and results. They compared notes, exchanged critiques, and figured out a body of know. They compared notes, exchanged critiques, and figured out a body of knowledge that defied everything men had ever been told about getting women--what has since come to be known as "game. The undisputed king of the field report was a player named "jlaix. In an arena founded on one-upmanship, Jeff Allen did it bigger and better than anyone. Jeff's tactics produce superhuman results, yet he doesn't do anything you couldn't do--now that you've seen it done. The worst part? You could have been doing this your whole life.

    Names of most principal players have been changed. I had literally thousands of interactions with people during the time frame of the story; I have obviously omitted many, and condensed some. No doubt my memory has occasionally simplified the line between cause and effect. I am confident, however, that my memory has not distorted the essential truths. FOREWORD What you're holding in your hands is a detailed and highly instructional manifesto on how a dude from Northern California went from being a lonely, angst-ridden maniac to screwing the shit out of nearly two hundred women.

    Is Jeffy the coolest guy ever — one of the iciest, most badass motherfuckers that ever did it? Or is he an immature self-pitying idiot, who indulges in a half decade sex rampage at the expense of all other areas of his life? The truths of life are rarely as black-and-white as most people wish them to be. Being that this book records a period before , some of the external pickup techniques would be considered old-school compared to what's out there today.

    Our Editor review is the same since it is the same book. Before, players share their field reports, strategies, and results. They compare notes, exchange critiques, and figure out a body of knowledge that defied everything men had ever been told about getting women—what has since come to be known as game. Book options include: It will not appear anywhere. Used for review validation only Enter your review's title Enter a title for the review that summarizes your opinion Ratings the higher the better Effectiveness Is the content of high quality?

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    Does it have different content to other products? Is customer service very responsive? Was downloading and using the product a smooth process? No rating 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Value for Money Is the product worth the price paid for it? Is it a good deal? Click "Submit" to send your review! I thought it would be another "the game - neil strauss" which i really loved, but this is so awful that i couldnt finish it.

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    Get Laid or Die Trying: The Field Reports Pdf Download

    The Good. Throughly authentic account of the journey to become good with women, instructive about the 'darker' stops to be avoided, entertaining read. I recommend this to men who want to 'pick up' a lot of women, as it gives great insights into the 'darker side' of those aspirations and where they can lead. It will push you to challenge your desires, and ask you what you really want to get out of the journey. There are a few auto-biographical and biographical style books that have come out.

    The most famous is " The Game " by Neil Strauss. Trembling, vacillating between rage and tears, I reach up and gingerly touch the spot. I place my palms facedown on the counter and hang my head with a sigh. Diana, my girlfriend of four years, is leaving me, moving to Los Angeles in ten days, ostensibly to pursue her music career.

    Get Laid or Die Trying: The Field Reports

    Someone is sleeping next to me, and I struggle to determine who it is. It appears to be an unattractive woman with an extraordinarily bad haircut. I vaguely remember having sex with her at some point. I need to get the fuck out of here as quickly as possible. I manage to stand and begin to look for my clothing.

    I find my tracksuit on the floor next to the bed.

    It is covered in chunky vomit, the source of the stench. Flashes of dinner at the sushi bar. I shake the chunks off and pull on the pants, slip into my shoes and tiptoe out of the apartment. I enter the house as quietly as possible and strip off the putrid tracksuit. It takes her a second to realize what I am doing, and why, and then she starts laughing. Hahahaha what the fuck, dude?!

    You nasty. Yes, I banged your friend and puked on my tracksuit. In fact I may have puked on your friend while wearing the tracksuit and banging her. I close the lid and start the wash cycle. We went out to dinner and then we went to the bar.

    Some ex-girlfriend of yours came down from L. You met her out in the parking lot and sat in her car for like an hour and then she left, and you started crying and rolling around on the ground out front of the bar. They were gonna call the cops, dude. I was already wasted by the time Diana got there. In her car, I basically begged her to come back, proclaiming my love for her, etc. She just sort of brushed it off. The last thing I remember is sitting in the passenger seat and crying while she made me listen to her demo tape.

    Then she was gone. Of course we want you here. But it would be nice if you came down more than once every eight years! She looks sad. I miss you, dude. Remember when we used to be tight? I just want my brother back. In both instances, I had given myself percent to the relationship, heart and soul, expecting the same in return.

    Both times, that intensity was reciprocated for a while, but it did not last. I chuckle to myself at how ridiculous it sounds. But the more I think about it, the more I warm to the idea.

    Divorce all emotion from my sexual relationships. Go on a hedonistic fuck-spree and rail a shit-ton of hot bitches; a sort of salvation through sin. Abandon the ridiculous notion of true love and all of its attendant bullshit. No more feelings. This is war: Her name is Helen, and she has a square ass. In any case, she is serving as a suitable rebound girl. Just numb. Helen is nice enough, and happens to live five doors down.

    We met after Jackass had dragged me along to check out their housewarming one night. The theme is high school. A week ago, I came across a mint-condition Givenchy tuxedo at the Salvation Army that fit me near perfectly, and tonight I am wearing it with a red cashmere scarf and a lapel pin that reads SEX in rhinestones.

    I clip on my bow tie and walk downstairs to get the party started. Not many people yet. I step through the back door into the yard, only to be confronted by ten girls. Giggling ensues. Later, Jackass throws me down the stairs in a drunken fit; I counter as he jumps down after me, grabbing him by the collar and dragging him down the remaining flight, shattering a framed Star Wars poster. Gathering myself up, I commandeer the entertainment center and force the women to watch pornography.

    Staggering around the place, bellowing, I notice a tall blonde eighteen-year-old dressed like Britney Spears in the living room. Six feet of glory with big tits.

    Who invited this. I feel something profound come alive inside of me. Without thinking, I instantly leap upon the table and start dancing with her, throwing my scarf over her neck and sneering. Do you read Teen People? I ask. Her name is Chippy. Upstairs in my bedroom, I dig out the magazine and throw it at her. As soon as she begins reading the article, I literally rip my pants off and jump on her. We make out. She sucks viciously at my nipple rings, partially tearing the left one out.

    I am too fucked up to care. Over the next couple days, it will swell up to roughly the size of a grape, taking on a nasty purple color.

    Right now, however, I continue to make out with her and just let it bleed. I have a good time, regardless. Finally, she goes to leave with her friends, and I corner her in the hallway.

    I want to take you to lunch, I drool. I want to eat your lunch. This tall beauty before me is the most lovely creature on the planet. I fall down. Lying there dazed, I black out, only to wake up the next day on the floor in Berkeley, without a clue as to how I got there.

    OR DIE TRYING - Season 1 - video dailymotion

    After an extended courtship consisting of several expensive dinner dates and culminating in a romantic trip to Lake Tahoe, we finally had sex. I need to keep my eye on the ball here. After dinner, we meet Jackass at the karaoke bar. Karaoke has become a hobby of sorts. I enjoy it because it allows me to drink heavily and scream at strangers. All the fun of being in a band, without the practicing or carrying stuff.

    I also enjoy it because it allows me, for three minutes at a time, to pretend like I have emotions. Chippy is denied entry to the bar, on account of the fact that she is underage.

    She goes home. I become enraged and obnoxious, guzzling scotch. Later, I crawl back up and steal the mic from Jackass. I go for a smoke out front and crudely proposition a conventioneer. She asks me what school I went to.

    Nobody does. A bar worker says, Come inside young man. The place closes and one of the workers gives us a ride home. Each of her tits is larger than my head.

    She has pretty eyes. A typical night might find me crawling through an unlocked window into her living room, eating her food, drinking her liquor, and then entering her room while she is asleep, in order to hump her. I have fucked her. Several times, in fact, and I may continue to do so. I want to experience the nastiest sex possible. One evening not long ago, I decided I would wear a rubber glove whilst making sweet love to her, but a search of her kitchen only turned up a pot holder, which was covered in glittery silver sequins.

    I returned to her room and started fucking with the sequined pot holder on my left hand, then flipped her over and went doggy.

    So tonight, same deal. I go in through the back door, find some vodka in the freezer and drink it, then head up the stairs. She is asleep. I want to fuck anyway. As my clothes fly off I try to mount, drool on her tits, then roll over, off the bed, wasted, out.

    A few months later, I walk in the door and see my roommate Noah sitting cross-legged in front of the television, engrossed in a video game.

    Without looking up, he casually announces, Oh hey dude. Thugs came by to kick your ass.

    He continues mashing the buttons on his controller as I stand there blinking. I know immediately who it had to have been. This is the last thing I need right now. I drop my briefcase and collapse onto the couch. I fall asleep within minutes. I fish it out of my pocket and look at it. I answer it. Not much. Going out for some drinks with the little woman.